Paris votes to triple heavy vehicle parking fees for visitors – and this includes electric ones

The fee is categorized by weight and not by model, so it applies to ICE and hybrids as well.
February 5, 2024
Eiffel tower, Paris
Photo by Alexis Minchella, Unsplash

Original published article title:
“Paris votes to triple SUV parking fees – and this includes electric ones” from Electrek


  • Parisians have voted to triple the parking costs for SUVs – including heavier electric ones and hybrids. This Sunday, the city held a referendum, with Parisians voting 56.6% in favor of increased parking fees.
  • Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo sees the move to curb SUVs in the city as “a form of social justice,” with road safety and air pollution the main targets of the vote.
  • Since fee is categorized by weight and not by model, it applies to ICE or hybrid SUVs and sedans weighing more than 1.6 metric tons, and electric SUVs and sedans weighing more than 2 metric tons (about 4,409 pounds). However, Paris residents will not have to pay extra when parking near their homes. Also people working in Paris, taxi drivers, tradespeople, health workers, and people with disabilities will also be exempt.
  • Some of the electric SUVs that will get slapped with higher fees include the Skoda Enyaq, the Volkswagen ID.4, and the BMW iX.
    • The Tesla Model Y comes in at just under the 2-metric-ton mark, but the Model X exceeds the threshold.

Read the full post at Electrek.

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